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Live Like Gatsby In This 1920s Era Hotel | Holly Habeck Travel Blog

An original blog post from travel and lifestyle blogger, Holly Habeck, sharing her experience at The Queensbury Hotel during a February 2019 visit. Read below or see original post.

Live Like Gatsby In This 1920s Era Glens Falls Hotel

Tucked away in the small, quaint town of Glens Falls, NY, The Queensbury Hotel feels the ideal place to hole up with a hot cup of coffee and your favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Walking into the lobby is like taking a step back in time, which makes sense given that the property has been a focal point of the Glens Falls region for over 100 years.

Women sitting on bench In front of fireplace

R. and I are having a very Gatsby style wedding this fall, so you can only imagine how excited we were when we found out we’d be spending the night here after our ski lessons at the nearby Gore Mountain Ski Resort. Keep reading to find out more about our stay at The Queensbury Hotel and why we think you should consider visiting this charming town the next time you find yourself up in the Adirondacks.

The Queensbury Hotel: A Hidden Gem In Glens Falls, NY

New Renovations

I didn’t realize before we arrived to the hotel, but The Queensbury is actually in the process of undergoing a major renovation project. Most of the guest rooms are complete, and the effort seems like it’s definitely paying off. Even the bathrooms in the lobby are beautiful! I also especially appreciated the linoleum floors in the guest rooms. I loathe walking around barefoot on hotel carpeting, so this was a major selling point. Everything was SO clean, and sinking into that cushy king sized bed after a long day of skiing was just what we needed.

Hotel Entrance Door

Hotel Lobby

A Central Location (Visit Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, & More)

One of the best things about The Queensbury Hotel is that it’s so centrally located. Serving as a sort of midpoint between Lake George and Saratoga Springs, this property is the perfect fit for anyone looking to really explore all that this area has to offer. The Queensbury can also often provide more competitive rates due to being located just outside these major, heavily populated areas. Not to mention, the town of Glens Falls is a great place to explore as well. You can do a quick loop from The Queensbury to all of the shops and restaurants, and The Hyde Collection (a wonderful historic house and museum complex featuring work from Old Masters, 19th-Century European and American art, and Modern and Contemporary art) is also nearby.

Breakfast on table

Two On-site Glens Falls Restaurants

One of the things I appreciated about The Queensbury Hotel is that they have two on-site Glens Falls restaurants. We actually ate both dinner and breakfast at the refined dining restaurant, Park 26. Let me tell you, it was absolutely DELISH. I got a risotto dish for dinner, and it was simply to die for. My stuffed french toast the next morning didn’t disappoint, either.

The Queensbury isn’t just home to Park 26 though. They’ve also got Fenimore’s Neighborhood Pub conveniently located within the hotel if you’re in the mood for something a little more casual. R. and I are usually pretty tired after a long day of exploring, so we love hotels that serve tasty, convenient food on site. It would have been fun to check out some of the other Glens Falls restaurants, but we were totally content at Park 26 for this trip!

Map on wall

Lamp on table

A Rich History

Like I mentioned above, visiting The Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls is like taking a step back in time. I love properties with a unique history, and I think it’s so fun that they’re incorporating elements of the hotel’s rich past into the new renovations. You don’t have to look far to get a glimpse at an old, black and white shot of Glens Falls or the hotel back in the day. Don’t even get me started on the live entertainment, either. Sitting in Park 26 and being able to hear the piano that was going in the lobby that evening was pure heaven. It was the perfect night.

looking through to dining room

Overall, our stay at The Queensbury Hotel was a memorable one. We couldn’t get enough of the historical, yet updated atmosphere, which helped us feel cozy and at home despite being hours away. Out of all the Lake George hotels, I would absolutely recommend staying in Glens Falls and exploring the Adirondack region by car.

There’s just something about the area that is warm, welcoming, and already drawing us back.

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