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Upstate Trip To Glens Falls | Ampersands & Attire Travel Blog

An original blog post from fashion and lifestyle blogger, Emily Becker of Ampersands & Attire, sharing her experience at The Queensbury Hotel during a November2019 visit.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a town I grew up not too far from, Glens Falls. Glens Falls is a cute little upstate town with an adorable vintagey feel nestled between Saratoga Springs and Lake George.

The Queensbury

For my stay this weekend I had the pleasure of being hosted by the wonderful Queensbury Hotel. Known for it’s beautiful newly renovated interiors and wonderful hospitality I was so excited about my weekend stay. The Queensbury is the perfect choice for a Glens Falls trip as it is nestled downtown just one block away from the iconic Glen Street.

Upon my arrival Friday night I entered the lobby and was in awe of the beautiful design and understated elegance. I checked into my room promptly and got settled into my room quickly. The room was very spacious and beautiful. With the new renovations, you would have no idea that these rooms were almost 100 years old.

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